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Brayford Radio is a fresh take on student radio and from the University of Lincoln. Broadcasting from Studio 3 of the MHT Building on the University of Lincoln’s Brayford Pool campus, this online station is not only for students in Lincoln, but 16-25 year-olds around the UK and perhaps even around the world.

Brayford Radio’s most important tenet is that of access: We want to give anyone who wants to broadcast the chance to do so. Be it about you passion for 1950s Jazz, your addiction to dubstep, or your love of horses, if you have a show you want to broadcast, we will give you the tools, facilities and training to do so.

Working closely in conjunction with all of the university’s departments, the station aims to be another arm of the communications network already provided by the university – details of important events, student services and university news will all have their place on the station.

You can listen to the station 24/7 online or through the mobile app TuneIn (just search Brayford Radio). We’ve also got a webcam in studio, so if you want to see your favourite presenting team in studio while they’re show is on air, be our guest! For full details on how you can tune in to what’s happening here at Brayford Radio, just see our how to listen page.

Remember, we’re always looking for new shows and radio talent from around the University, so if you want to get involved please contact programming@brayfordradio.org.uk for more information about how we can help you to get your dream radio show off the ground and onto the air.

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