How do I listen to Brayford Radio?

How do I listen?

On a mobile device or tablet

The easiest way to listen is to use our new mobile player. although it requires a pretty solid data connection, so if you're traveling the world in low signal locations, you may want to use the TuneIn radio app. (it's better at buffering.) Tap here to go to the mobile player, you can then add this to your home screen for a substitute for an app for quick access. The mobile player uses are own audio feed and album artwork links, it should look nice and keep you informed with what's playing live! It also fully intergrates our live chat system, allowing you to get in touch with us in the studio and the community faster than ever before. If this dosn't work for you, we are also live on TuneIn Radio, just search the appstore for 'TuneIn' download and install it, and then search for Brayford Radio - or navigate here. *Tunein radio is great, and free, however they may play the occasional add on their part. If all else fails, Brayford Radio is also playable via our website or at (our backup player.) on all devices.

On Amazon Alexa / Echo

Simply say "Alexa, play Brayford Radio" ▶️ If this dosn't work for you, please check you have the tunein radio skill enabled in your alexa app. Did you know? You can attach more powerful speakers to the 3.5mm audio port on the back if you want louder, cleaner audio.

On Google Assistant / Google Home

Simply say "Hey Google, play Brayford Radio on TuneIn" ▶️ The tunein app may need to be enabled within the google home app.

On a computer

The easiest way of listening along on a computer is to use our website, and press the blue play button. You'll get live album artwork and now playing info right there and then at our highest quality audio stream. You can also navigate to this link in a web browser = OR via iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC, Winamp, Groove Music, or Quicktime. By using the links at the bottom of this page - Simpy download and open them in your prefered media player software.

On a HIFI System / Sound system

You can listen on a whole range of differant devices using the TuneIn app, see for more info and a nice visual guide. Just look for the cast icon when connected to the same WIFI network as your speaker system that supports tunein radio: Of course, a good oldschool 3.5mm to RCA cable will do for most hifi's, please consult the manual for attaching 'aux' devices. You can also bluetooth us to a bluetooth speaker, of course.

A lower bandwidth soloution for out and about on 3G/4G / In the Car

If you're out and about and are worried about using too much of your mobile internet data (even though realistically, you'd have to listen to us alot to make an impact) you can find lower bitrate and lower quality stream links at the bottom of this page. 1GB of Data will get you 18 HOURS of constant listening time on our standered HD 128kbps audio stream found via our website and tunein.

Is there a video stream?

Not at the moment, although we're actively working towards this!

Some features we're working towards...

-live video stream of the studio and for outside events for mobile and desktop. -Spotify/apple music/deezer intergration, allowing you to add currently playing songs straight to your playlist.

Our Public Streams:

Our Main High Quality 128kbps Stream
Low bandwidth / Low Quality Feed 92kbps